June 27, 2017 General 0

Are you someone who enjoys online gambling? Do you love playing games where the odds can allow you to win some money? And are you the type of internet user that has a stake or interest in cryptocurrency? If these things apply to you, then you are the ideal person to play the new idice ico game that has come out. You may be wondering what idice ico is and how it works, and we can explain it all to you. This game, which is called iDice, is one of the best cryptocurrency blockchain gambling applications in the world, and it is still in beta!

The beauty of this app means that you can play from anywhere. Whether you are at work, home, on the bus or at college, you can play the game for a few minutes. You can use your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet to play, and it works on all platforms. The game has one giant server, which means that cross-platform betting is possible. That is a terrific feature, as having a fragmented community is never a good thing for such a game, especially one that is in its beta phase and is still adding users each day.

idice ico

The one thing that people always wonder about with respect to these games is whether you can even make money. We understand if you have this doubt. So many of these games come out, and many of them go away as quickly because they are just not paying out any winnings to people. Who is going to play a game that no one wins? Luckily, such an issue is not present with this game. You will get the winnings that you deserve. This is highlighted by the fact that they have paid $200,000 out to people already, and the game is just in its beta mode!

Can you imagine what the winnings total will be like in a few months? Or when the game is fully released? Go on the iDice website, and you will now be able to see what this game is all about. You will see how this game is one of the best that is on the market. You will also see how this game can completely change the way that you make online bets on dice games. If you have the Ethereum currency, or it interests you, this is your moment to make true use of it as a cryptocurrency.

You are paid out on Eretherum, but as you may know, it is very easy to convert your winnings to Bitcoin or even US Dollars. So, if you are interested in these sorts of games, we encourage you to give it a go. We think it can change the way that things work for you. We also think that you will get a tremendous experience from playing this game, no matter what device or platform you are using. All users are welcome, and everyone gets an equally sensational experience with this game through the website or the native app!