June 30, 2017 Games 0

One of the great things about modern gaming is the fact that you can now Download Games and save them to your hard drive instead of having to actually hold on to a physical disk that could end up getting damaged.  Of course, this advantage depends quite a bit on what platform you are using.  Even the current generation of consoles still tend to force you to use the game disk unless it was a direct download from the console store, which means that you do still have to take care of and organize the disks.  Meanwhile, with different online retailers out there that focus strictly upon downloadable games, this generally is not a problem when it comes to PC gaming.  Usually when you buy a PC game from a store, it works mostly as an activation for the online store that you are subscribed to, which means that you only need to use the disk once to install the game, and then it is accessible without the disk from that point on.

    Now, most commercial games on consoles are now available through online console stores, which means that console companies are working hard in order to make sure that their products are able to compete with modern PCs.  Whether or not consoles will ever go to a strictly downloadable model is something that is difficult to predict, but the fact that this seems to be a whole lot easier for consumers is something that would lead one to believe that everything will one day be done on the internet.  This would have a huge impact on the gaming industry, as there are still a number of game stores out there that would definitely go out of business if this were to happen.

    There are some negatives that come with only downloading games over the internet as opposed to having a physical copy of the game.  The most obvious negative is the fact that a digital copy of the game can’t be resold to a gaming store in order to get some of your money back after you are done playing the game.  This means that once you buy a downloaded game, you have paid for it and it can never be sold or traded in for a new game.  This is something that does ultimately hurt consumers, and so it ought to be thought about before any fully digital model takes the place of all physical video games.

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    Either way, gaming is now becoming more and more accessible to pretty much everyone, which is something that gamers ought to be happy about.  Of course, gone are the days when one played all of their games offline, and if you are a modern gamer without an internet connection, then you are going to run into a number of problems.  With that said, I am not sure that there are many modern gamers out there who do not have an internet connection, so I am not sure how much that impacts things.